Holiday Basket of Joy

We are all facing different times right now and that includes those in assisted living centers where they are limited to the amount of face to face visitations they are allowed to have to help lessen the chance of them contracting the Covid-19 virus.  With this we wanted to help bring joy to their holiday season by putting together a Holiday Baskets of Joy that we will be donating to senior care centers across the metro.  Our mission is to reach as many seniors as we can and for that we need your help.


What do we need from you to put together a Basket of Joy?  Each basket will have one of the following.

1- A holiday card (hand written message if possible otherwise we will write messages in if blank cards are donated)
2- A fun colorful kid colored picture (or adult) and can be from a coloring book or all hand drawn.
(Free Coloring Page Printout Links Below)
3- A small gift (Throw Blanket, Word Find Book, Devotional)


We will be bundling these 3 items together to create a bundle for each senior that we can.  What is our goal?  Thousands!  We have connections to more senior care centers than we can probably fill so we would like to create as many bundles as possible.  If you want to help fund this mission instead of donating the bundle items, we will be purchasing many items as well.  100% of any donations will go towards the Baskets of Joy and in a case where there are extra funds or gift items than we can distribute these will all then be donated to a local nonprofit.

If you are able to donate any of the items above please stop by our office and put them in the donation box out in the front entry anytime 24/7 or you can mail them to us as well both at the address below.


Upscaled Designs
1550 91st Ave NE, Suite 204
Blaine, MN 55449


TOGETHER we can bring joy and a smile to the local senior citizens this holiday season! 

If you have any questions, please email us via the contact page above.

Free Coloring Page Printout Links

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